What We Do

What We Do

What We Do

our projects & therapy areas

We provide freelance medical writing, editing and consultancy services to clients in both the private and public sectors. This includes medical communications agencies, nonprofit organizations, clinical researchers, patient organizations, and the pharma industry.

We’ve worked on many different projects and drugs, across a wide range of medical and scientific disciplines. The main ones are listed below. But we always enjoy getting stuck into new areas and challenges as well.


Manuscripts for medical journals.

All types, from practice guidelines to original research and letters, and everything in between.

Congress materials.

Abstracts, posters, slide sets, presentation scripts, symposium and booth materials.

Regulatory documents.

Clinical study protocols and reports, drug submissions to health authorities.

Product materials.

Core slide decks, monographs, binders, FAQs.

Plus, scientific messaging, literature analysis, grant applications, data-checking, and much more besides…

Therapy areas

Human Internal Organ Lungs Medicine Treatment Drug. Low Poly technology design. Red injury pain area polygonal triangle connected dots. Health medicine
Critical care
Cervical cancer
Blood clot health risk or thrombosis medical illustration concept as human blood cells clumped together with sticky platelets and fibrin as a blockage in an artery or vein
Fluid therapy
Nephrology Human Kidney Disease. Medical organ. low poly wireframe theme concept on blue background.
Women’s health
Hepatitis C
Film x-ray knee joint with arthritis Gout , Rheumatoid arthritis , Septic arthritis , Osteoarthritis knee
Skin health